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Blog 1865 - Saumya Singh

I approached the house in my muddy uniform, not caring about the fact that I was informally dressed for the occasion. There was no doubt that Lee would be in his best uniform, showing off the fact that even though he surrendered, he was the "better man".

I stepped inside and he was there all right, dressed in his best uniform, sword and sash and everything, waiting for me to sit in the chair opposite his. I sat and acknowledged him with a nod of my head.



"So what are the terms?" Lee asked.

I quickly wrote them down on a slip of paper and handed it to him. He glanced over it, his face showing no expression to what he might actually be thinking.

"A full pardon? Rations? We get to keep our horses? Why the special treatment?" Lee asked inquisitively.

"Peace is necessary at this time, and we need to keep the Union together. It's what Lincoln would want as well," I responded. It's for the best.

He gave me a …